MOPEs Musings

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A handmade book collection of poems, short stories, and doodles by a variety of Pink Elephants.
Each purchase is made to order so keep in mind it can take a week or two before shipping.
Available are Volume I and Volume II.
If you are a participant in these books please contact MOPE before purchasing as you will receive a discount code. Thank you for being a part of MOPEs Musings

Index Volume I:
Scalped by Chris Wiewiora 1
Strawberry Asylum by Allie Firman 2
doodle by Cristina Ione 3
electric by Sarah Herrington 4
doodles by Ashley Inguanta 4
To Be Read At The Service by R. W. Graham 5
doodle by Sam Myers 5
doodle by Sara Linker 6
streamers filled my mind... by Sam Myers 6
Excess and Horse by Andrew Henderson 7
There is a Great Big Jacket in the Sky by Ashley Inguanta 8
I Dreamt of You by Allison Campbell 9
doodle by Sam Myers 10
The Great Conjunction by J. Bradley 11
doodle, Trendy by Trish Michel 12
Sandhills by Amanda R. Lager 13
doodle by Cristina Ione 15
doodle by Cristina Ione 28
doodle by Mika Jones 29
Transplanted by Sarah Herrington 30
All The Training She Needs by Nicole Monaghan 31
doodle by Danielle DeGluglimo 33
This Annabelle Lee by Sara Linker 34
doodle by Sara Linker 36
girl of substance by Moira Madden 37
doodle by Trish Michel 37
doodle by Sam Myers 38
My Opium by Trish Michel 39
Red Velvet Cake by Alex Mujica 40
doodle by Sara Linker 42
It hit me somewhere along... by Mika Jones 43
doodle by Sam Myers 44
Apple Grove by Cristina Ione 45
doodle, On Top of the World by Trish Michel 47
For Jasmine during the mortgage crisis in America by Francesa Lia Block 48
Trace by Darlin' Neal 49
doodle by Cristina Ione 50

Index Volume II:
Of Mice and Indians by Toni Jenson 1
I Visit the Dentist on the Anniversary of your Death by Laura Sobbott Ross 3
Higher Function by Bryce Emley 4
doodle by Cristina Ione 5
Run Boy Run by Tod Caviness 6
doodle by Sam Myers and Danielle DeGluglimo 8
The rocky driveway made that... by Allison Tyler 9
doodle by Sara Linker 11
Excerpts from Here/Other by Kat Dixon 12
doodle by Sara Linker 13
Ethereality by Valerie Moorer 14
doodle by Mika Jones 17
Telling My Imaginary Daughter Her Uncle is Dead excerpt from "6:30," an essay
by Janelle Davis 18
doodle by Sara Linker 21
Lemon Wedges by Kimberly Lundblom 22
The Theme Party by Ryan Rivas 23
doodle by Sarah Okun 27
Seventy-eight Seconds by Martha Marinara 28
doodle by Sam Myers 41
i came across a photograph of you... by McCabe Russell 42
let's get lost... by Kayla Roseclere 43
It was the way you cocked your head... by Heath Shealy 44
doodle by Sara Linker 44
Junior by Alex Pollack 45
doodle by Sarah Okun 46
Collage by Brian Gaskill 47
doodle by Sam Myers 49
Parking Lot A by L. Malcolm 50
the prince of a falling empire by Rachel Kolman 52
doodle by Sara Linker 55
When there's nothing new... by William Alarie 56
doodle by Sarah Okun 56
Birthday by Pat Rushin 57
Fire in a Used-Car Lot by Nathan Holic 58
The Killdeer by Vanessa Blakeslee 62
Models are Dirty by Jennifer Sky 63
doodle by Sam Myers 63
listen to the wind... Courtney Lester 64
There is a demon on my shoulder... by Sam Myers 65
doodle by Sarah Okun 65
Octopus Salad by Elissa Jane Mastel 66
Me + Me by Gregory Sherl 70
Excerpt of Portrait of a Modern Family by Molly Gaudry 71
Conifer by Eric Mohrman 73
doodle by Cristina Ione 73
Discovery by Sandra Ketcham 74
doodle by Sara Linker 74
Dialogue by Ashley Inguanta & Cecile Maalaki Poulain 75
doodle by Sam Myers 75
Gigantificationism by Becca Shelvin 76
doodle by Sarah Okun 76
Seed by Ed Bull 77
doodle by Trish Michel 83
doodle by Sam Myers 84
Arts & Crafts by Stephen Graham Jones 85
doodle by Sarah Okun 89
Please, Just Come to the Door by Kim Chinquee 90
doodle by Sam Myers 91

Image of Sam's MOPEn Mind
Sam's MOPEn Mind
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